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Where the passion for cooking meets the passion for healthy food, and brings us together around the table.


The Story

Chef Antoine Beaini

At Chez Toni, we didn’t set out to reinvent the wheel. On the contrary, Lebanese cuisine is globally appreciated as one of the most delicious and most healthy cuisines.

This is why, at Chez Toni, what we focus on is keeping Lebanese tradition and flavour alive, through the freshness and quality of ingredients used, and through the specific warm and friendly atmosphere.”

Chef Antoine Beaini

Dishes selection

Chez Toni Recommendations

Lebanese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world thanks to the fresh ingredients and the ways the food is prepared.

39,00 lei

Hommous lahme-snauber / Hommous carne & muguri de pin

Creamy humus served with minced lamb meat, pine nuts and fresh fragrant herbs. This is a delicious appetiser, but it can also be served as a main course, along with other Lebanese appetisers and salads.

39,00 lei


A great mix of fresh salad, vegetables and aromatic herbs, together with crispy pita chips and an energising lemony dressing. Fattoush is a tasty and healthy salad, which perfectly accompanies any main course on the menu, as well as other delicious Lebanese appetisers.

98,00 lei

Mashawie Mshakaleh / Mixed Grill

Delicious pieces of chicken, veal and kafta, tenderly grilled. The Chez Toni mixed grill is a delicious selection of flavoursome meat, to be served alongside grilled vegetables.

35,00 lei

Desert Chez Toni

A spectacular dessert, with homemade whipped cream, …. and coffee flavoured biscuits. Chez Toni dessert is a gorgeous multilayered delicacy, preferred by caramel and coffee lovers alike.


What our most loyal customers appreciate…

Chez Toni - The authenticity of dishes

The authenticity of dishes

We’ve preserved the authenticity and quality of the recipes, so that you can fully enjoy the delicious Mediterranean flavours of Lebanese food.

Chez Toni - The fresh ingredients

The fresh ingredients

We only use the freshest ingredients, fruits and vegetables, alongside the highest quality aromatic herbs and spices.

Chez Toni - The taste of the food

The taste of the food

Our biggest satisfaction is seeing customers return, eager to taste their favourite dishes once again.

Chez Toni - Our hospitality

Our hospitality

Lebanese are known for their hospitality and perpetual good mood. That’s why at Chez Toni you will always find a warm, cheerful and very friendly atmosphere.

Chez Toni - The standard of quality

The standard of quality

The quality of ingredients is key for the taste of the food. Even if higher quality ingredients are more expensive, at Chez Toni we always choose quality.

Chez Toni - The attentive staff

The attentive staff

At Chez Toni we carefully select our staff, so that our guests are treated with the attention they deserve, and the courtesy they are accustomed to.


What our guests say

„A beautiful home with warm hosts”

„Chez Toni is one of those places which you feel connected to from the first moment, and to which you become addicted. I wouldn’t call it a restaurant, but rather a beautiful home with warm hosts and endless culinary creativity.”

Gentiana N.

„Excellent value for money”

„Chez Toni is the ideal place for many of the Lebanese who live here. Although there are some complaints that the prices are higher, if you come in a group and share the dishes, it’s been proven to offer excellent value for money in the city.”

Georgiana N.

“The same high quality standard”

„I think this is where you find the best Lebanese food. We’ve been coming for many years because we’ve always been met with the highest of quality, in food and service.”

Dan F.

“Authentically Lebanese”

„Chez Toni serves authentic Lebanese food, which is not something you can say for the vast majority of Lebanese restaurants in the world.
The owner, Lebanese himself, is clearly passionate about the food and always makes the time to wish you a warm welcome.”

Jac SAc

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